Unlocking bilingualism through culture, connection, and play 

Identity-affirming language learning in home and school settings. Currently available in English ⇔ Spanish.

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A holistic approach to bilingualism

Through our stories, wellness, play, and community categories, Bili brings together a holistic learning experience that is standards-aligned, research-driven, and culture-forward.

Brillando con Bili:
Where Science and Culture Meet Play

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Abuelita- and science-approved

Bili is inspired by our founder’s Spanish-speaking abueltia, María. María knew that belonging and connection were critical to language access. And the science says so, too.

Neuroscientists agree that:

  • Culture guides how we process information,
  • Attention drives learning, and
  • New information must be coupled with existing knowledge in order to be learned.

With this powerful combination of Abuelita’s sabiduría and the science of learning, we’ve developed an approach that works for kids with bilingualism in 
their bones.

A customized language learning experience

Do you want to develop your child’s Spanish while strengthening their English vocabulary?

We’ve got you.

Do you want to create an immersive Spanish learning experience for your child?

No problem.

Do you want to expose your child to inclusive language from an early age?


No matter the goals for your home or classroom, Bili is the customizable solution that increases children’s interest and motivation in learning the Spanish language.

A place for diverse and authentic representations of Latinx identity 

A place for diverse and authentic representations of Latinx identity 

A place for diverse and authentic representations of Latinx identity 

Too often Spanish language learning apps for young children:

  • Dismiss students’ preexisting knowledge in their heritage language
  • Teach the Spanish language without cultural context, leaning on culturally agnostic characters and animals
  • Miss opportunities for the heart of language learning: connection and belonging

Building connections, 
one cuento at a time

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What educators and families say 

“This is just what we need…Right now, teachers are trying to supplement the curriculum. Sometimes we just get a curriculum from wherever and it is not culturally responsive.”


“I love the look and feel of the app. It feels like home and something I would want to put in front of my child.”


“I see a lot of parents who choose to be in dual language want more apps like this…and as a teacher, it’s been really hard to find good Spanish apps that also represent their culture. So I would be excited to use Bili right away.”


Bili’s Roots

Introducing Bili, a visionary app crafted by our team at Bilingual Generation, led by Harvard-educated doctora of education Vero Benavides.

Inspired by her own journey of reclaiming her heritage language and raising her children abroad in three languages, Dr. Benavides founded Bilingual Generation. Ours is a simple mission: to empower families and educators with tools that make bilingualism a natural and exciting part of kids’ lives and help them maintain a strong connection to their heritage languages and cultures.

Born from collaborations with bilingual educators and families, Bili is a response to the challenges communities face in finding dynamic, culturally responsive tools to support language learning at home and at school. Starting in Spanish and later expanding to more languages, Bili is here to make heritage language learning an enjoyable and enriching experience for kids and their grown-ups.

Brillando con Bili:
Where Science and Culture Meet Play

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