Getting Started With Bili: Building Your Child’s Bilingualism

Welcome to Bili, language learning that is abuelita—and science—approved! Bili unlocks bilingualism through culture, connection, and play. Through our stories, wellness, play, and community categories, Bili brings together a holistic learning experience that is standards-aligned, research-driven, and culture-forward. 

Customized learning experience 

Bili allows you to customize your child’s language learning experience based on your context and preferences. In settings, you can choose bilingual or Spanish immersion mode. You can also adjust daily playtime limits, sound effects, and the use of inclusive Spanish.

Not your average learning app 

Many children’s apps are focused on keeping your child’s attention, at all costs. This could look like passive consumption of content, advertisements, and flashy/fast-paced content. While the use of technology is an amazing tool that can enhance your child’s learning, when not designed or used properly it can have harmful effects like reduced amount and quality of sleep, language delays, and decreased parent-child interactions. 

Bili centers the health and safety of your child above all else. Bili’s founder, Dr. Veronica Benavides, has used her experiences as a teacher, mother of trilingual children, Fulbright scholar, a researcher at Harvard, and Executive Director of a leading early childhood educational research and training center to create developmentally appropriate content for young multilingual learners. She and her team of experts in early childhood and bilingual education have created a children’s app that aligns with the latest research on technology and early learners

There are many educational activities in Bili that can be explored independently by your child, but there are also special features in the app that are designed to facilitate language production and connection with a human (and not a device). 

In the “Community” section of the app, the “Qué Harías” activity provides prompts for your child to discuss with a friend, teacher, or family member. In this way, technology is used as a tool to facilitate language production and human-to-human interaction – one of the best ways to build literacy and language skills! 

Like all activities in Bili, these prompts no vienen de la nada! They are carefully crafted to align with learning standards (this activity aligns with CASEL’s framework for responsible decision making) along with best practices for language development. 

Increase awareness of culture and diversity 

Bili celebrates the incredible diversity of Spanish-speaking communities across Latin America. In our “Cuentos” or “Stories” section, you will find a diverse range of stories written in authentic Spanish. On the story cover, you will see the nationalities/cultures of the author, narrator, and illustrator. Our creators wanted to make sure that children had access to engaging stories that represent diverse perspectives, identities, and accents. 

This celebration of the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world can be found throughout the app. In our “Juego” or “Play” section, children can learn to count while learning about the geography and origins of animals native to Latin America. 

If you have already downloaded Bili, we hope you and your child(ren) enjoy the experience! We would love to hear about your experience or support you with any questions/challenges. Please write us at 

If you are not yet a user, but would like to try Bili, please sign up for our waiting list here